Miami the place to be

Today we are planning a trip to miami which is only a half hour away.

But we don’t visit to often because of our busy schedules, but we definitly will be having fun!
When i go to Miami i love to visit south beach and ocean drive ‘highly recommended’ for everybody that is planning to go to miami on vacation. below i will put more information about which places you can visit while on your vacation here.
*Starisland ( where you can take a look at the nice expensive houses from celebrities)
*Car show ( you can spot million dollar cars like the new ferrari, bentleys ect.) The carshow is from november 8th until the 18th every year
*Nice hotels (like the famous Fontaineblue, trump towers ect.)
*The restaurants are to die for! exspecially seafood
*Visit Ocean drive with many clubs if you feel like partying
* Skating in your Bikini ( totaly normal over here)
*Bisycle rent ( if you don’t want to rent a car)
*Movie theater Cinemax or movie co
*For the shopping lovers Aventura mall
NOTE: Miami is a beautiful place to visit, but becarful,always keep your purse safe, and choose the right hotel to stay in, i see on the news all the time that tourist get robbed. But don’t let that stop you from going to Miami it’s not a horror place and i’m not trying to scare you, there are alot of save places and most of the time you wil always see police walking around so if you’re alert you will be fine!
Things not to forget when visiting:
-Travel adapter plug 
-Esta Visa
-Passport (ofcourse hah!)
-Exchange your money into dollars in your home country (recommended)
If you have any further questions about visting Miami or the state Florida please feel free to ask on my Question & Answer forum

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