Diet secret of KD

Today i would like to tell you guys a story about my weight lost challenge.

2 years ago when  i moved to the states, i was so inlove with all the sweets you can eat
alot of fatty foods that you can’t find in The Netherlands so i was just eating and eating like there was no end.
I didn’t even watch my weight because i was always slim and i thought ‘ooh i won’t gain weight!’ well guess again. i gained 20 lbs (9kg) in a year!

I didn’t realise it until i started to look at my old and new pictures ugh i was so stressed i couldn’t believe it
i had to do something about it. So what i did was super easy i will tell you my secret to loose 7lbs (3kg) 1 a month.


-Buy a scale (If you don’t have one yet)
-Download a calorie counter on your smart phone or tablet( it will ask you your current weight and your goal weight and how long it will take you to get there, as long as you only eat the amount of calories you supposed to eat daily you will definitly get there)
-Ditch your cooking oil and start using organic coconut oil to cook or friet with
-Throw away all your snacks!!!!

Every morning when you get out of bed, drink a glass of water
– For breakfast i eat whole grain bread with scramble eggs
-For lunch i eat a fruit mix ( i cut some strawberry’s,watermelon and grapes)
-For dinner i eat everything i cook for my husband so if i make chicken or beef for dinner i eat it. You must thing but beef? really? yes i do eat it and it doesn’t make me gain weight at all! why?
Well this might not work for everybody but it works for me.

Instead of eating rice with chicken or something else i eat it with orange sweet potatoe and some vegetables.
To cut of rice was so extremely hard for me because i always ate rice since i was a little kid.
I think this is the major reason why i lost the weight.
And i drink lots and lots of water i do not drink anything else but water! and sticking to it.
Might be hard at first but trust me you will get used to it and even addicted.
By the way the big question how many times a week do i workout?
hah! i do not work out, i do walk alot instead of taking the car i walk to go do some grocerys stuff like that!

My current weight is 125lbs (56kg)  i’m 3 pounds lighter then i was in the beginning. This was actually my goal weight but i might drop 2 more pounds.
Follow these simples steps and it might work for you too.

Any questions?
Feel free to ask me a question in my Question & Answer Forum

Start today…you only have one body


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