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Diet secret of KD

Today i would like to tell you guys a story about my weight lost challenge.

2 years ago when  i moved to the states, i was so inlove with all the sweets you can eat
alot of fatty foods that you can’t find in The Netherlands so i was just eating and eating like there was no end.
I didn’t even watch my weight because i was always slim and i thought ‘ooh i won’t gain weight!’ well guess again. i gained 20 lbs (9kg) in a year!

I didn’t realise it until i started to look at my old and new pictures ugh i was so stressed i couldn’t believe it
i had to do something about it. So what i did was super easy i will tell you my secret to loose 7lbs (3kg) 1 a month.


-Buy a scale (If you don’t have one yet)
-Download a calorie counter on your smart phone or tablet( it will ask you your current weight and your goal weight and how long it will take you to get there, as long as you only eat the amount of calories you supposed to eat daily you will definitly get there)
-Ditch your cooking oil and start using organic coconut oil to cook or friet with
-Throw away all your snacks!!!!

Every morning when you get out of bed, drink a glass of water
– For breakfast i eat whole grain bread with scramble eggs
-For lunch i eat a fruit mix ( i cut some strawberry’s,watermelon and grapes)
-For dinner i eat everything i cook for my husband so if i make chicken or beef for dinner i eat it. You must thing but beef? really? yes i do eat it and it doesn’t make me gain weight at all! why?
Well this might not work for everybody but it works for me.

Instead of eating rice with chicken or something else i eat it with orange sweet potatoe and some vegetables.
To cut of rice was so extremely hard for me because i always ate rice since i was a little kid.
I think this is the major reason why i lost the weight.
And i drink lots and lots of water i do not drink anything else but water! and sticking to it.
Might be hard at first but trust me you will get used to it and even addicted.

By the way the big question how many times a week do i workout?
hah! i do not work out, i do walk alot instead of taking the car i walk to go do some grocerys stuff like that!

My current weight is 125lbs (56kg)  i’m 3 pounds lighter then i was in the beginning. This was actually my goal weight but i might drop 2 more pounds.
Follow these simples steps and it might work for you too.

Any questions?
Feel free to ask me a question in my Question & Answer Forum

Start today…you only have one body


Friday, November 8, 2013

Miami the place to be

Today we are planning a trip to miami which is only a half hour away.

But we don’t visit to often because of our busy schedules, but we definitly will be having fun!
When i go to Miami i love to visit south beach and ocean drive ‘highly recommended’ for everybody that is planning to go to miami on vacation. below i will put more information about which places you can visit while on your vacation here.
*Starisland ( where you can take a look at the nice expensive houses from celebrities)
*Car show ( you can spot million dollar cars like the new ferrari, bentleys ect.) The carshow is from november 8th until the 18th every year
*Nice hotels (like the famous Fontaineblue, trump towers ect.)
*The restaurants are to die for! exspecially seafood
*Visit Ocean drive with many clubs if you feel like partying
* Skating in your Bikini ( totaly normal over here)
*Bisycle rent ( if you don’t want to rent a car)
*Movie theater Cinemax or movie co
*For the shopping lovers Aventura mall
NOTE: Miami is a beautiful place to visit, but becarful,always keep your purse safe, and choose the right hotel to stay in, i see on the news all the time that tourist get robbed. But don’t let that stop you from going to Miami it’s not a horror place and i’m not trying to scare you, there are alot of save places and most of the time you wil always see police walking around so if you’re alert you will be fine!
Things not to forget when visiting:
-Travel adapter plug 
-Esta Visa
-Passport (ofcourse hah!)
-Exchange your money into dollars in your home country (recommended)
If you have any further questions about visting Miami or the state Florida please feel free to ask on my Question & Answer forum


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Scandal addicts

Who’s watching Scandal? Please don’t tell me i’m the only one! What do you think: Did Fitz really Killed Olivia’s mom? What is the deep secret? What are fitz and Olivia’s dad hiding from her? I’m so exited! can’t wait to watch, 2 hours to go… Don’t forget your wine and popcorn! 


Monday, October 28, 2013

This is what you do after a long day!

Just chill relax and enjoy the breeze, okay there is no breeze! It’s HOT! I need some ice-cream . But I can’t do that I just walked 2 miles and lost some calories, no way I’m putting it back in lol so it’s just gonna be some water for me… Catch you guys later  


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Personal Shopper

Dutch people READ this please!

Personal shopper van uit Amerika!

Heeft u wel eens iets gewild of gezien op een Amerikaans website of een product gezien die u niet in Nederland kunt vinden en niet kan kopen doordat u geen creditcard of paypal account beschikt. Wij hebben een oplossing voor u! Wij kunnen het voor u vinden en opsturen. Voor meer informatie bezoek ons website en klik Personal shopper…. Spread the word


The Beginning of Happiness(how it all started)

The beginning of Happiness 

It all started almost 7 years ago when i met the most amazing and incredible man in the world (my husband).
We talked for hours on the phone,skype, yahoo messenger and so on!
But we had a problem i lived in The Netherlands and he lived in the united states.
As the years past us by we both never give up on our love towards eachother
It wasn’t all roses in the 7 years cause  we broke up, we made up more then a million times.
It was extremely frustrating, think about it.. you can not be with the person you love
So what is the best thing to do ? give up on eachother? just move on like you don’t care?
Yes that was my way of thinking…but him? never! he never give up on me, i tried to push him away and YET he was still willing to not give up on me. I left him i didn’t want to talk to him, i was rude to him but yup and still he did not leave my side. At the end of the day no matter what i did no matter what i said he was always the only man that was there for me and that was willing to give me everything he could!

After all said and done….nobody is perfect but at the end of the day our love never ever died and never will
This is true love..nothing or nobody can change true love it conquers all!

While everything was going great between me and my ‘boyfriend’ then.
I was still in school and i had the amazing upportunity to go to the USA for my internship.
And ofcourse the first thing that popped in my mind was OMG i can be with him plus i can do my internship there that’s great!

Time to leave the Netherlands was getting closer and closer.
I was so exited!
I went to Miami first to spend a week with him which was an amazing time and he also asked me to marry him and ofcourse i said YES!

So even though i had a great time in Miami with him i had to go to South-Carolina to start my internship.
Which was cool, cause that was the main reason i was in the states anyway.

Once we arrived in South-carolina i was starting to feel some type of way.
I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend which was one of the hardest things i’ve ever done…i know alot of people may think please you will see him again BUT if you’re really inlove with somebody and have to say goodbye you will know how i felt.

Meanwhile…i had started my internship everybody was ver nice to me but something wasn’t right!
I didn’t feel at home and the place where i was doing my internship was terrible! (very nice said).
I tried to stay as long as i could. But to make a long story short i just had to leave that place, cause nobody was listening to me anyway.
I called my boyfriend and he tried to convince me to stay a bit longer but i couldn’t take it. So i left!
He bought me a ticket and i went straight to Miami to go live with him.

And here is the most amazing part of the Story!
Ofcourse everybody thought that i was competely crazy to just leave my internship.
Yes it sounds crazy right? but let me tell you something my dear readers, That was probably the best decision i have ever made in my life!
Sometimes in life you will do something that is not planned for you to do
Other doors went open for me…i got married to the love of my life and i have my own bussiness now and much more to come in the future.

Living in he united states has always been a dream of me, but who ever thought it would work out this way?
i didn’t!…God is good everybody

Do you want to follow my life here in the United states?
Follow my blog..i have alot to share with you guys

Thank you… and have fun reading


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